The Film

1.Watch Freedom for Birth

This is an abridged 15 minute version of the hour long film that has been specially designed to view and share online.

2. Join The One World Birth Revolution

Companies use online newsletter subscriptions, Facebook “likes” and Twitter to build a valuable customer base.

Instead of a customer base, what if One World Birth created a POWER BASE of like-minded individuals who are passionate about changing the world?

We want to create a community of a MILLION voices that can take immediate action from their desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Whether it be in protest or support, that power could be directed to where it is needed most via online campaigns, petitions and words of encouragement.

Imagine being able to collect a million signatures immediately. Or having a million participants in a campaign. It’s what the Internet does best: to connect and support. No one knows how effective it will be, but surely it’s worth giving it a go?

Let’s do it now and start changing the world together!

3. Tell 10 people

On September 20th more than 100,000 people attended over 1000 premiere screenings of Freedom for Birth in 50 countries. If each of these were to tell 10 more people to watch the film then over ONE MILLION people would become aware of Human Rights abuse in childbirth.

We need you to TELL 10 people. “Liking” and linking is one thing, but actually TELLING your friends and colleagues and making sure they watch the film is far more effective. Please send them to One World Birth and encourage them to join the revolution.

Our goal is to make the revolution go viral immediately. If this campaign works, then we could number a million within days and our voices would not just be heard, but listened to all around the world.

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