Featuring actual birth footage, DOULA! is a 60 minute documentary following birth doulas as they support three women through their births.

Informative and emotional, DOULA! is an intimate look at how doulas support both parents during pregnancy, labour, childbirth and afterwards.

“I found the film utterly breathtaking and felt instantly inspired to employ the services of a doula for our next birth.”

Juno Magazine

“This film has some of the most amazing waterbirth/pushing video I have ever seen and shows mothers in various phases of labor, managing labor with nonpharmacological pain relief methods such as positioning, hydrotherapy, walking, squatting, breathing, focusing, vocalization and more! Such joy, confidence and relaxation on the mother and father’s faces ~ the way birth should be!”

Connie Livingston

President Perinatal Associates,

“I’d recommend any soon-to-be mum considering a doula to watch this video. It is not only informative but sheds a very positive light on the whole birth experience.”

“Scene after scene of this moving and visually beautiful film demonstrates what is possible in the realm of support, for mothers and fathers, during life’s most essential transition, the birth of the family. With the love, skill and commitment provided by a professional doula, she can be ‘the ultimate birth companion’.

Patrick Houser

Author, Fathers-To-Be Handbook, Director,

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