A Probiotic Life

For the past 100 years, we have been waging war on the microbes in our bodies. Through use of antibiotics, anti-bacterial products, C-Sections, eating processed foods and living lives in sterile boxes – studies have shown that those of us living “Westernised” lifestyles have lost around a third of the diversity of bacterial species in our bodies.

With this loss of microbial diversity, we could have lost some of our protection against disease. Everything from asthma to diabetes, from bowel disorders to some cancers, from obesity to many mental health conditions – these are being linked to a “dysbiosis” in our gut microbiome – in other words, our bacterial ecosystem being knocked out of balance.

Perhaps there’s another way. Perhaps the key to unlock our health, happiness and future well- being is to start living lives that are in harmony with bacteria? In other words, to live to start living what we are calling A PROBIOTIC LIFE.

We are still filming for this project, so come back soon to find out more.

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