One World Birth


Over the past three years we have been on a journey, trying to connect the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that is birth.

We have travelled over 35,000 miles, filming interviews with 150 experts, but the picture we were building seemed to grow ever more complex.

The more we discovered, the more convinced we were that there was a vital piece missing from the picture.

A piece that connected everything.

For three years we have been searching for that missing piece.

And now we believe we have finally found it.

The reason it has proved to be so elusive for so long is because it is not visible to the naked eye.

It is microscopic.

puzzle_piecesTHE FILM

For the last twelve months we have been working on a project that we believe is the most important film we will ever make.

It explores compelling, brand new science investigating crucial microscopic events that occur during and immediately after birth.

And, more importantly, what happens when the natural processes of childbirth are interfered with or bypassed completely.

Just to be clear, we are not making a film that calls for an end to birth interventions, as sometimes they are essential and they can be life-saving.

But new scientific techniques and fresh hypotheses are starting to indicate that the increased medicalization of childbirth may be having severe consequences on the life-long health of our children.

What’s more, it could be having a devastating effect on the future of our entire species.

This emerging science is showing us where we have been going wrong.

But it is also showing us a possible solution.

We are making a film that explores a brand new idea.

An idea we are calling MicroBirth.

MicroBirth movie


On Thursday January 30th, we will be launching a campaign to help us get this film completed.

We will be posting a 9 minute video explaining what we need to do next and our action plan to get the finished film screened all around the world.

It is essential that our world leaders come to understand the importance of childbirth and make it a top priority.

Our journey to find the missing piece of the picture may be drawing to a close, but we are now moving into a time of action. Change needs to happen before it’s too late.

We need as much help as possible to achieve this change, so please set aside 9 minutes of your time on Thursday and together we can save birth, change the world!

Thank you for your support!

Toni and Alex


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