Our Indiegogo campaign for MicroBirth is drawing to a close and we just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has contributed so far.

But, as things stand, we are only 50% funded.

So, Indiegogo have suggested we tell you why this film is so important to us and why we believe it really does need to be made.

(You can watch the short video above or read the blog!)

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What is MicroBirth about?

We have arrived at what is arguably one of the most exciting moments in human existence. The discovery of the microbiome and epigenetics has given us a greater understanding of who we are. Not only will this discovery dramatically change our approach to medicine, but also the way we live our lives.

MicroBirth is a film that will explore the latest scientific research into the microscopic processes that are taking place during and immediately after childbirth. It will also investigate the alarming indications that mode of birth can have adverse effects on the lifelong health of our children.

Support and opposition

We have been spurred on by messages of support, sentiments that demonstrate there is a collective determination all around the world to get birth right. But what has really surprised us is that there has also been vocal opposition to this film being made in the first place.

Some people think that exploring the long term consequences of birth is simply not relevant. It would seem that some people think the status quo is just fine.

But we don’t think it’s fine. We believe the status quo has to change.

But, the content of this film is not based on our opinion. It’s based on research coming out of some of the world’s leading medical schools and universities such as Harvard, Yale, Cornell and Imperial College, London to name but a few.

Why MicroBirth will speak to governments

In itself, research only goes so far. For real change to happen, governments first need to take notice. With this in mind, along with the science, MicroBirth will use an economic argument that will speak to governments in a language they understand. After all, we all know that money talks.

Reports from Harvard, The World Health Organization and The World Economic Forum have highlighted a global disaster in the making. A disaster that has the potential of bankrupting healthcare systems right around the world. And research is showing that it all starts with birth.

MicroBirth needs to show our elected leaders exactly why the world needs to change and why it needs to change now.

But, films don’t change the world.

People do.

Host your own world premiere!

Our plan is to have thousands of simultaneous MicroBirth World Premiere screenings in communities right around the world. And we want you to hold them!

But how will this change anything?

If we were merely “preaching to the converted”, then nothing would change. But, if each screening had amongst its audience our decision makers such as MPs, Congressmen and Senators, then they would not only be exposed to the message, but they would witness its importance to the people who elected them in the first place.

What if we had midwives, doulas, doctors, hospital administrations, politicians and parents all coming together in one place to discuss these issues. Then multiply that by thousands.

That’s how change begins.

That’s how we can all play a part and make a difference.

However, we only have a few days remaining to raise the rest of the funding we need to complete this film.

If you want to take part, then you can select one of the premiere perks on the MicroBirth Indiegogo campaign site right now.

We want you to be part of the growing movement that is calling for change.

Because together we believe we can all make this happen.

Thank you for your support. And you can read more on the MicroBirth Indiegogo Campaign page here

Toni & Alex

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