MicroBirth Campaign is ending

The numbers so far
With only 3 days left until the end of our Indiegogo campaign, we thought we’d bring you up to date on how it’s going and what this means for the film.Campaign stats right now:

  • 766 contributors
  • $68,000 raised
  • 430 World Premiere screenings secured

This is fantastic progress and is a measure of how passionately people feel about the issues that MicroBirth is exploring. Thank you to everyone that has shared, tweeted, sent us messages and of course contributed, especially to those that have secured a World Premiere screening.

The Good News
We have raised enough to finish filming in the UK, Europe and US.
In the past few days, we’ve filmed some jaw-dropping interviews with academics at Imperial College, London.
We have booked our flights to NY to complete our Stateside interviews at the Human Microbiome Project.
We are planning our remaining interviews in the UK and Europe.

The Bad News
If we don’t reach our target by midnight on Sunday 30th, we will be charged a much higher fee by Indiegogo, credit cards and PayPal (around 14% in all). This brings the total raised so far down to £37,000 (GBP).
This means we won’t be able to create broadcast-quality film deliverables. And it mean we won’t be able to pay for global PR to get the message out.

So what does this all mean?
It means that we are going to have to rely on word-of-mouth marketing to spread the word.
It means that the World Premiere screenings are going to be paramount in getting the message out.

Premiere Screenings

We have already secured 430 World Premiere screenings all around the world, which is a great start.
Exciting news is that it looks like a screening is going to be held at the United Nations! This was an ambition of ours from the start and a huge step in getting our world leaders to understand the importance of childbirth.

Our last film, Freedom for Birth, had over 1100 screenings, all on one day, with a combined audience exceeding 100,000. We hope we can beat this with MicroBirth as we believe the film highlights issues that are of the utmost importance not just to mothers, or to healthcare professionals, but to everybody on the planet.

We believe that this film MUST break out into the mainstream as there is so much at stake with the way we are giving birth today. To quote from our most recent piece of filming at Imperial College: “It’s a ticking time bomb”.

What if we do reach our Indiegogo target?
If we can break through the $100,000 barrier then we will be able to:

  • finish the film to broadcast requirements
  • we would be able to hire powerful global PR representation
  • and we would be charged much lower fees by Indiegogo, meaning that more money would go towards the film and getting the message out around the world.

What can you do?

With only 3 days left, we need as much word of mouth publicity as possible. So please help us by sharing the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or just by telling your friends. It can be found at indiegogo.com/projects/microbirth

We really don’t enjoy repeatedly bugging you, not many people do, but we have such a firm belief in this film and the issues it explores that we know we just can’t keep quiet about it! Hopefully you can’t too!

Thank you again for your continued support. As we always say, we can’t do this without you!

Toni and Alex

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