This week Alex and I filmed interviews with Barbara Harper and Dianne Garland, two of the world’s leading experts on waterbirth.

Barbara Harper is the founder of Waterbirth International  and author of “Gentle Birth Choices” book and DVD. She was once referred to in The Oregonian newspaper as “the Billy Graham of waterbirth” for promoting waterbirth with “missionary” zeal. She has lectured in 43 countries on waterbirth and recently made a guest appearance with Dr Lisa in the US daytime talk show “The Doctors”.

Dianne Garland is a UK-based freelance midwife lecturer and internationally renowned author of “Waterbirth: An Attitude to Care”, an essential text for midwifery practise.

Having filmed two waterbirths myself for my previous documentary film “DOULA!”, I have seen with my own eyes that waterbirths can help make a birth beautiful.

So I was really interested to hear about Dianne Garland’s research study into waterbirth:

Here is a link to download the PDF of the UK Collaborative Hospital Audit of Waterbirth – 2001 Dianne Garland (MIDIRS)

If waterbirth is so beneficial, then why aren’t birthpools more widely available in hospitals? Here’s what Barbara Harper thinks?

One of the most common fears associated with waterbirth is infection. What does Barbara Harper think about this issue?

Here is a link to more research articles on waterbirth – thanks to Waterbirth International.

We’ll be releasing more video clips from these interviews in the coming months on the One World Birth site.

But what do you think? Should waterbirths be available for all women? Is waterbirth an option where you live? We would love to hear what you think!

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