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We are currently in production on MicroBirth, our next film. It is a feature-length documentary taking a look at childbirth in a completely new way: through the lens of a microscope.

We recently ran an IndieGoGo campaign to raise production costs and, to date, we have raised over $80,000 which will allow us to continue filming in the UK, Europe and the United States. You can read more about it and see the 9 minute pitch video on the IndieGoGo campaign page. Or check out the updates here.

When we started filming for MicroBirth last summer we had no idea the project would escalate to such epic proportions. What we were expecting was to get the low-down on the latest science surrounding childbirth. But what we discovered could not only have huge a effect on the health of our children, but devastating consequences for our entire species.

The brand new scientific fields of the Microbiome and Epigenetics are starting to indicate that the increased medicalisation of childbirth could be risking the long-term health of our children. But the good news is that the latest scientific breakthroughs are also offering a possible solution.

We believe this is the most important film we will ever make about childbirth. The scientists, academics and doctors featuring in the film present the argument that we all need to understand the implications of the latest scientific research into these fields and are calling on governments worldwide to invest heavily on even more larger-scale research.

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