To raise awareness of human rights in childbirth, we want to encourage screenings of Freedom for Birth.

We released the feature-length film on one single day in 2012, with over 1000 screenings in 50 countries.

The screenings created a wave of passion all around the world. And now we feel the time is right to do it all over again!

So, we have removed the need to buy a screening licence, and we have reduced the price of the DVD.

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The driving force of One World Birth is the global community of childbirth professionals coming together to discuss, debate and find solutions to make birth better.

Our Birth Summits allow individuals to connect online from the comfort of their own homes.

We have just launched our first online Birth Summit on THE MICROBIOME AND BIRTH.

Meet the professors who are behind this groundbreaking science.

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Recent Articles

Freedom For Birth Unleashed

Freedom For Birth Unleashed

BIRTH - HUMAN RIGHTS Freedom For Birth Unleashed Toni Harman, Co-founder of One World Birth 15th November 2016 When we launched FREEDOM FOR BIRTH in 2012, we had 1000 screenings in 17 languages in 50 countries. That was great, brilliant in fact. It felt as if we were...

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Women will take back childbirth

Women will take back childbirth

On the day that the European Court of Human Rights Grand Chamber voted to reject the case of DUBSKÁ AND KREJZOVÁ v. THE CZECH REPUBLIC, here's the late great Sheila Kitzinger on how "women will take back...

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Inspirational Birth Quote Of The Day

Inspirational Birth Quote Of The Day

BIRTH - HUMAN RIGHTS Inspirational Birth Quote Of The Day Toni Harman, Co-founder of One World Birth 12 October 2016 "Freedom For Birth" documentary Image by Alto "Wouldn't it be so amazingly good if women's right to true freedom in birth could somehow be elevated,...

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Alex and Toni

Alex and Toni

Founders of One World Birth
We've been travelling the world and asking questions about childbirth for the last six years. At last we've drawn some conclusions that you can see here. Read more...

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